Top 7 Largest Countries in the World

Do you know? Although there are 195 countries in the world, combining the land area of the largest 7 countries in the world equals 40% of the total world’s landmass of 148,940,000 Km². The rest 188 countries share 60% of the total world’s land area. Russia alone takes up 11% of the world’s land area and Russia is the largest country in the world. Let’s find out which countries possess the largest land area.

1. Russia

Total Area – 17,098,246 Km²
Total Land Area – 16,378,410 Km²
Total Water Area – 719,836 Km²
% of World Land Area – 11%

Russia is the largest country in the world. Russia’s European portion is about 4,000,000 Km2 and it is about 40% of the total Europe land area which makes Russia the largest country in Europe. Russia is also the largest country in Asia, covering all the northern parts of Asia in about 13,100,000 Km2.

2. Canada

Total Area – 9,984,670 Km²

Total Land Area – 9,093,507 Km²

Total Water Area – 891,163 Km²

% of World Land Area – 6.1%

Many people did not notice that Canada is a big country, even bigger than the United States and China. Although the total area of Canada is bigger than the United States and China, the land area is smaller than these two countries. Canada is the largest country that speaks English language and French language. Yes, although most Canadians use the English language, French is also the official language of Canada.

3. China

Total Area – 9,596,961 Km²

Total Land Area – 9,326,410 Km²

Total Water Area – 270,550 Km²

% of World Land Area – 6.3%

China is the largest county entirely in Asia and possesses 2nd largest land mass in the world. Although China’s size is about half of Russia, China is the most populated country in the world with 1.4 billion population which is about 18.5% of the world’s population. In the meantime, the United States has 331 million (4 times less than China), Russia has 143 million (10 times less than China) and Canada has 38 million (37 times less than China) in population.

4. United States of America

Total Area – 9,525,067 Km²

Total Land Area – 9,147,593 Km²

Total Water Area – 377,424 Km²

% of World Land Area – 6.1%

The USA is the largest English-speaking country by land area. It is also the most powerful country in the world in terms of economic and military power.

5. Brazil

Total Area – 8,515,767 Km²

Total Land Area – 8,460,415 Km²

Total Water Area – 55,352 Km²

% of World Land Area – 5.6%

You may not expect Brazil to be No.5 on the list. Brazil is one of the largest countries in the world and most of its area are land area. It is the largest country in South America and the Southern hemisphere. Brazil is also the largest Portuguese-speaking country in the world.

6. Australia

Total Area – 7,692,024 Km2

Total Land Area – 7,633,565 Km2

Total Water Area – 58,459 Km2

% of World Land Area – 5.2%

Australia is unique and it is a country and it is the largest island country. It is also the largest country in Oceania 3rd the largest English-speaking country.

After Australia, countries have smaller land area compared to the above 6 countries. The largest countries which followed after Australia are:

7. India (3,287,263 Km² of total area)

8. Argentina (2,780,400 Km² of total area)

9. Kazakhstan (2,724,900 Km² of total area)

10. Algeria (2,381,741 Km² of total area)