The Toxicity of Hustle Culture

Now, my friend, have you noticed that you are unknowingly a part of the hustle culture?
Having said that, there is a question about what hustle culture is. I’ll give you an illustration.

With the alarm’s sound, you awaken. What should you do first?

You will check your phone, right? What will others say of you as you sleep at night?
You will then take a shower and apply your makeup. You will swipe the phone once more to see other people’s stories. After breakfast, you’ll head right to work or class. You’ll check your work and friends’ messengers on the way. You return home when it’s finally time to leave the office.
Even after the office hour has ended, the laptop still has work on it.

You were dining at home and conversing with your family when a business colleague called. After you called him, he called you back and informed you of the incident at work. When it was finally time for bed, you began to turn your face away from the blue light emitted by your phone and laptop. The cycle repeats itself the following morning. It is what I like to refer to as “hustle culture.”

The hustle culture never stops. You don’t allow yourself enough time, using all 24 hours of the day and working from sunrise to sunset. Are you already like that? Review yourself. According to research data, doing a job for a long time without taking a break and doing multiple things at the same time reduces productivity and kills creativity altogether. But the hustle culture still exists.

The worst thing is that even if you do something unrelated to work, if you feel guilty, then you do something about work. Now I want to get away from what I’ve been doing. I would like to share some tips for those who are wondering where to start.

1. Cultivate the will to change

Once you realize you’re in the hustle culture, make a commitment to change. Ask yourself if you have anything else to do besides work.

2. What is important to you?

Think about your goals and passions and write them down. Is what I’m doing right now really helping me achieve my goal? Are you trying so hard to become a rich man? Are you juggling health and family with work?

3. Imagine what your favorite day would be like

Once you’ve imagined your best day, try making a schedule. But be careful. Work has to be done before that day, and then you will enjoy the day comfortably.

4. Remember to take breaks between tasks

Instead of working continuously, work for an hour and then take a 10-minute break. There will be less anger and burnout. But you must return to the desk when the allotted ten minutes have passed. There is no justification.

5. Give yourself a reward each time you do something

Try to do something, like buy your favorite dessert, visit a spa, or get your nails done. Don’t act like you’ll do it later. Respect yourself. Reward.

6. Perform well and adopt the right attitude

If required, take care of yourself during the day. Engage in all of the activities that bring you joy.
Last but not least, if you have 1,440 minutes.

Finally, if you have 1,440 minutes a day, why can’t you do something to make yourself happy? Make time for some exercise.

As a result, you will be happy to work and will be able to bear resistance. You can feel your stress level decreasing as you learn to be prepared for any circumstance.
Have a nice day, and you deserve to be relaxed.