How to Spot a Guy Playing With Your Emotions

When a man is manipulating your emotions, you are emotionally attached to him, but he is not. In this case, he is not interested in the same things you are, but he is not being upfront with you about this and is instead playing games with you. This type of guy is either a chance seeker who realized you liked him or someone who is stringing a few girls along.

There are many signs that he is not really into you when you are in this situation, but it can be difficult to remain rational and consistent when you are deeply in love with someone. Additionally, when they want you, these guys are quite skilled at making you believe they like you. So look out for these indicators to determine if the person you are with is manipulating your emotions and learn what you can do to stop it.

Pay attention to how he treats you with affection

A guy who is playing you will typically act overly affectionate or physically aggressive when he wants to have sex with you. Holding your hand would not have attracted his interest. And when the two of you were just hanging out without the chance of sex, he didn’t look into your eyes. He doesn’t show you any affection while he’s among his friends or family, either.

Take note of how attentively he observes you

He might not be genuinely interested in you if he seems to be busy with anything else, such as his phone, games, or buddies, while you are hanging out. Alternatively, if he seems bored or uninterested in what you have to say, he most likely has no interest in the connection. Additionally, the attention he pays to you can strike you as strange or out of the ordinary.

Compare this guy to a previous guy who genuinely liked you

Compare the actions of the guy you suspect is manipulating your emotions to those of the guys who were genuinely into you in the past. If a guy likes you, he will appear more interested in chatting with you than other people, inquire about your activities, and make an effort to meet you again. He can appear overwhelmed and lose track of your presence. For instance, you can tell a guy is interested in you if he forgets the name of his favorite band when you are discussing music.

Talk to others about the circumstances

Other people can provide you with a new and objective perspective on the situation, giving you valuable indications of what is happening. Ask your friends whether they think he seems interested in you after telling them what’s happening. That is the core of the problem. He probably isn’t into you the way you are into him if they don’t think so.

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