How Sitting Affects Your Body

While we drive, we sit. We work while sitting. As we eat, we sit. We watch TV while seated. And if you’re anything like me, you endure the feelings of guilt that come from ignoring your hourly warnings to stand up while you’re doing all this sitting. You’re probably reading this article while sitting down. You might even have been seated for a few minutes by this time.

While a little sitting might not have any effects on you, poor posture can have several detrimental effects on your health. Our modern lifestyles compel us to sit for far longer than our bodies need.

In reality, research reveals that prolonged sitting increases the risk of a number of chronic health issues, such as:

-Heart condition
-Diabetes \Cancer
-Metabolic syndrome

On the other hand, spending less time sitting and exercising more is linked to a reduction in a number of health risks.

Compared to standing or moving, sitting requires less energy. Numerous health advantages of physical activity include better mental health, higher energy, and weight loss or weight management. Additionally, it’s crucial for preserving mobility and muscle strength as you age.

How to sit less while working

If the majority of your day is spent in meetings or on a computer, you undoubtedly already know that standing up more often while working is difficult.

Use these suggestions to stand and move more throughout the day, whether you work from home or in an office:

1.Take shorter, more frequent breaks

Breaks should be shorter and more frequent. Consider taking shorter, more frequent breaks throughout the day rather than longer ones every 15 or 30 minutes. It can be as simple as making a lap around the office, going to the break room to refill your water bottle, or greeting a coworker in the morning along the corridor.

2. Set up moving reminders and follow them

Remembering to stand up and walk around isn’t exactly top of mind when you’re focused on your task. On your activity band, turn on the stand-up or move-reminder feature. no activity band? No issue. Simply create an hourly reminder in your email program or on your smartphone. The most essential thing is to remember these reminders, even if you don’t feel like you have time for a break.

3.Work while standing

Why not stand for a portion of the time at your desk if you’re going to stay there all day? Whether you work from home or in an office, you should think about getting a standing desk. Not willing to invest the money in one? If you have a tall counter or table, you might find it simpler than you imagine to set up a temporary standing workstation.

4. Reconsider the idea that you must sit still throughout meetings

Request a strolling meeting with your coworkers rather than having one in a conference room. Take conference calls while on walks outside or around your house if you work from home. What if the morning stand-up meetings you have with your team were actually standing meetings?

Why not get up and move around right now since you’ve read the entire article? Before moving on to the next item, get up and stretch a little.