Best Christmas Movie Ever

Jingle Bell Jingle Bell Jingle All The Way!!!

Christmas bells are ringing, and what are you going to do for this Christmas?

If you have nothing to do, sit down and grab some snacks! It’s movie time!

What makes Christmas more special?

I think that would be Christmas movies, and these movies can make you feel so relaxed and ready for Christmas. The Best Christmas Movies of All Time have been selected after our list was made and at least twice reviewed. The films in this collection demonstrate how, over time, Christmas has grown to mean different things to different individuals. If you’re conventional and experiencing nostalgia, you’ll be happy to see

1.Little Women

Jo March, a writer who lives in New York in the years following the Civil War, is studying art in Paris with her sister Amy. Amy runs across Theodore, a childhood love interest of Jo’s who eventually turned down his proposal. Their introverted sister Beth contracts a life-threatening illness that reunites the family, while their oldest sibling Meg is married to a teacher.

2.Die Hard

On Christmas Eve, New York City police officer John McClane (Bruce Willis) travels to see his divorced wife (Bonnie Bedelia). He attends a holiday party with her at the corporate office of the Japanese-owned company she works for. However, a squad of terrorists attacked the elite high-rise and everyone inside, interrupting the celebrations. McClane quickly comes to the conclusion that he is the only person who can save the hostages.

3.Better Watch Out

During the holidays, Ashley makes a trip to the Lerners’ suburban house to watch their 12-year-old son Luke. When uninvited visitors announce their approach, she will soon have to defend both herself and the young kid.

4.The Grinch

The Grinch lives alone in a cave on Mount Crumpet with his devoted dog, Max. His biggest source of anger is when his neighbors in Whoville throw expensive Christmas parties. The displeased Grinch discovers there is only one way to find peace and quiet when the Whos decide to make Christmas bigger and brighter. The green grump devises a plan with Max’s assistance to fake Santa Claus, steal Christmas, and permanently put an end to the Whos’ holiday spirit.

5.Home Alone

Kevin McCallister, an annoying 8-year-old played by Macaulay Culkin, is forced to sleep in the attic by his mother, Catherine O’Hara, the night before the family travels to Paris. Kevin accidentally misses the McCallisters’ departure for the airport, and when he returns home to find the house vacant, he believes his yearning to be alone has been granted. The realization that he is the only one who can stop two con artists (Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern) from robbing the McCallister residence lessens his excitement, though.

6.Last Christmas

Young Kate, an unhappy Londoner who works as an elf in a year-round Christmas store, feels like nothing is going her way. But when she meets Tom, a charming, gorgeous man who looks too good to be true, things quickly turn around. Tom and Kate’s increasing attraction develops into the best present of all—a Yuletide romance — as the city changes into the most delightful time of the year.