5 Ways to Get Motivated with English Self Study

You are aware that you can learn English on your own, right? If you’re self-assured enough, you can try things your own way instead of taking all the costly English courses and huge textbooks.

Many English language learners are nervous to study by themselves. However, you quickly come to realize that everything you require is at home. The truth is that you can study at home whenever you want using the internet, which is not only your best resource for learning English but also the easiest way to study at home. Let’s discuss how to learn English. You have already mastered some level of English if you can read this article and comprehend it in full, or at least to a significant degree.

In Myanmar, we primarily speak Burmese, which is our native tongue. As a result, outside of school, we don’t encounter English very much in our daily lives. Even as adults, after having studied English since kindergarten, we still do not speak it well. This is due to the fact that learning a new language requires as much exposure to it as possible. And that kind of setting was not provided for us.

You must practice English outside of class if you want to become fluent in the language. And you must be passionate about it. Some people have a passion for English but are unsure about where to begin their English studies. For individuals who need some guidance to start learning English, I’m providing some advice and free resources.

1. Be confident and unafraid to make mistakes

To learn English fluently, we must master all four of the language’s fundamental skills. While certain skills can be picked up passively, others must be actively practiced on others. You won’t make much progress in learning English if you are shy and afraid to try speaking with others. You must understand that we are learning a second language and that no one is perfect when they first begin to study. Be confident, and don’t worry about others criticizing your errors. Everyone makes errors, and this shouldn’t make you feel bad. So, eliminate your anxiety.

2. Take an English level test

You can check your English level with one of the many online tests available. Once you know your current English proficiency level, you can choose a study method that works for you. Additionally, you can monitor your development by comparing your present level to earlier ones each month. Knowing how you’re doing will help motivate you to keep learning.

3. Just begin studying

Start right now and learn something if you are considering studying English as a second language. Although many people desire to learn English, they rarely take the first step. The desire to study English is only an idea that comes to you without the beginning. You must put it into practice.

4. Find fun ways to learn English

You don’t need to learn English as a subject the traditional way if you are self-studying. You’ve studied enough of this type of learning, and it’s uninteresting. Now that you are independent, you can study English however you like.

For instance, if you enjoy watching movies, you can learn English through them. When watching movies, you can start with English subtitles. You may then improve your vocabulary and listening skills without subtitles. Movies are another great way to learn about expression and intonation.

You can learn English through songs and other media if you enjoy music. Podcasts are another way to develop your listening skills.

5. Create an English-speaking atmosphere on social media

You can sign up for English learning groups and converse or practice your English with friends on social media. The top options are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Numerous international celebrities are accessible on social media. It’s one of the most enjoyable methods for learning English.

I hope reading this essay inspired you in some way to start learning English. Stay tuned for more articles with English learning advice.